Halloween is approaching so why not take advantage of the spooky season and get involved through your online marketing.

We’ve come up with a few ideas of how you can use Halloween to promote your business.

Create a Halloween video

Creating a high quality video doesn’t need to be expensive and videos tend to get very high rates of engagement on social media.

In 2013, Tide created their own Halloween themed vines to promote their washing detergent with the tagline “Stains better be scared”. The videos were met with a great response and showed a sense of humour within the brand. Vines last about 6 seconds and can be a very affordable way of promoting your brand through video.

Another affordable video option is to create an animated video. Many websites offer Halloween themed templates which you can tailor to your branding for a small amount of money.

Offers and discounts

Reward your followers with a Halloween themed offer. Why not offer free delivery or give a discount on purchases during the Halloween period?

Run a competition

Halloween is a time when a lot of people like to get creative. Get your audience to show off their creative side and interact with your business. Create a competition for the best carved pumpkin, decorated room or Halloween bake. Competitions are very successful at gaining followers and interaction with your social media.


Create an event

If you have a physical shop, then why not hold a Halloween themed event? Promote your event online and through social media to encourage people to come into your shop and buy your products.

Treat your customers

Everyone loves a freebee, and seasonal freebees are even better. Make your customers feel appreciated by sending them a treat with their purchase. Whether it’s a small edible gift or voucher for your business, it’ll leave your customers feeling rewarded and keen to buy from you again.