You may have heard of Pinterest but just dismissed it as a social media only to be used to find funny images and create mood boards in your spare time. Or maybe you’re already trying to use it for your business but not getting much success.

Well we want to show you how you can use this fantastic resource to build your online follower base and benefit your business.

Pinterest Basics

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media which focuses primarily on visual content. Users can create “pins” (which are essentially posts) and “repin” (share) the content of other users. Pins are organised in the form of “boards” which are groups of pins, usually following a theme.

Take a look at our board, Geek Funny. It’s a collection of pins which are all relating to computer humour and have made our team laugh. The board is public for anyone to see and can be followed by other users.


Creating a board

So you’ve set up an account and you’re ready to make a board. It’s very simple. First go to your profile and at the top left of the page you should see the option to create a board.


Click on it and the next task is to fill out the details of your board. For the name, try to include words that are likely to be searched for e.g HR Humour, Motivation or Fashion Blogs. Add a description explaining your board in more detail and then choose a category which your board fits in to.

You have the option to make your board secret, so only you can view it. You can also invite others to collaborate and then they will also be able to pin to your board.



Now you have a board, you need to fill it. There are two ways of doing this. You can either share other people’s images by repinning or add your own.

When browsing images on Pinterest, you’ll see a button in the top, left corner which says save.


Click it and you’ll have the option to choose which board you want to pin it to and you can change the caption underneath.


You can create your own pins by either using a URL or uploading a saved image. Go into one of your boards and click on the “Save a Pin” button


After clicking this, you can select to either upload from your computer or from a website URL


Both options will ask you to select an image, give it a description and choose which board you wish to pin it to.

Pinterest for business tips

So now you know the basics of using Pinterest, how can you make it work for your business?

Make your personal page a business page

Business pages appear the same as personal ones to your audience however they provide analytic data which is helpful for improving your account.

If you have just created your Pinterest account then you may have selected to have a business account already, however if your account is a personal one then it’s quick and easy to change. Take a look at these instructions from Pinterest to learn how

Create boards relevant to your business

Pinterest is a place to give your business a personality and to show off what you do. It’s important to remember that this account is associated with your business and therefore whatever you pin needs to be relevant and professional.

Some of the boards we have on our Online Toolbox account are

  • Infographics
  • Geek Funny
  • Testimonials
  • Motivation
  • Business Books


Link back to your website

One of the main reasons for using Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website, so make sure that if the image is from your website, you link to it. When creating your pin, you’ll be given the option to save it from the web or your device. By selecting the web and entering the URL of your image location, your pin will link back to your website when clicked.


Target your audience

Once your business account it set up, you can access analytics. Use these to see who is commenting, sharing and liking your pins. Once you know this, you can tailor your content to match their demographic to find more like minded users.

Write a business description

Your audience wants to know who you are and the information is in your business description. You don’t have much space, so make it count. Also make sure that you add your website, this should be an option after you have converted a business account.


For more information on how to use Pinterest to build your business, why not book onto our course, Pinterest Training for Businesses.