It is a cold, hard fact of life that social media never sleeps.  Those of you who use social media will know the constant pressure of having to produce useful and engaging content, often on a daily basis.

The thought can be exhausting and overwhelming and that’s just when you are in the office.  But what if you’re going on holiday for two weeks or need to take that all too precious break with your family?  What happens to your social media plan then?  You can’t afford to not be at the forefront of your potential customer’s mind’s for long.  And if you are a one-man band, then who is going to take over this duty while you take a much deserved break?  Your spouse has threatened to throw your laptop out of the window if they see it on holiday again.  What is the solution to this potential crisis?

Social media scheduling of course!

There are several software options available, including Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to name two.

Hootsuite is our favoured software at Online Toolbox and you can find out more about it and a few others by reading our previous blog on Social Media Management Software by clicking here.

Now, let’s go through five reasons why social media scheduling software can really save your time and your business.

#1 Time saver!

Even when you are not away, scheduling your posts for the week ahead can be a great way to save time.  Instead of having to take time out of each day to create posts, time can be taken on just one single day to create and lay everything out for the coming week.  After that, you can sit back, relax and be secure in the knowledge that your social media is being taken care of while you devote your time to other important requirements, after all, a business is not just all about social media!

# 2 Optimise Posting

Using a piece of scheduling software means you can time your posts down to the exact hour and minute you would like your audience to see it.  When you are not using a scheduling system, you may have to wait until you get time to put out that all important post, meaning you may not be able to act at the optimum time.  If you have done your research into social media posting, you will know there are optimum times when your audience will most likely be browsing their social media.  You might also have picked up on the fact that this time is different for each of the social media platforms.

So how do you combat this? Should you drop everything to post on  Facebook at midday,  then drop everything again to get your post out at Twitter’s optimum time and so on?   Of course not.  By using scheduling software, you can time your posts quickly and easily for each and every one of the platforms you use.  No more clock watching!

# 3 Themes

People feel different at different times of the year.  What they want to see at Christmas will not be what they want to see during the summer.  By scheduling your posts, you can look to the season ahead and schedule your posts accordingly, creating themes that will catch your chosen audiences attention.  With social media scheduling, you can plan your themes in advance of each of the seasons.

# 4 Holidays

If you are on holiday and cannot take your laptop or have no WiFi, social media scheduling can take the stress out of those situations.  No longer do you have to worry over keeping in the public eye while you are away having that much needed me time.  Simply schedule all your posts for the coming holiday weeks and think no more of it!

# 5 Security.

You may not have thought of this one but, when businesses wind down for a holiday, it is a huge advertisement to thieves and burglars that your property’s contents are now unguarded and ripe for the taking.  Never broadcast that you are going away to your clients or on social media.  Always think about safety for you and your business.  If your social media posts are still going out on schedule, then it indicates that someone is still at the office, working away and the premises are not empty.


And so the question remains, if you haven’t started using scheduling software yet, what are you waiting for?  Your time, sanity and laptop will thank you for it (the threat of going through a window will no longer be relevant!)