When writing content for your website you may well wonder after all the effort you have put into planning everything and getting your message across to your chosen audience, do you really need a copywriter to check over your work? The answer should be a resounding yes.

You may have a master’s degree in the English language but there is always an advantage to having an outside person cast their eyes over your work. An author would not publish a book without it going through the rigours of an editing service. Your website is no less important and it should receive the same level of professional attention.

Continue reading to learn five reasons you may not have thought about as to why a copywriter is essential for your website content

1.) Your Expertise Works Against You

It’s true, the fact that you know your business/product so well can be a hindrance. You may write your web content knowing exactly what you mean and what you are talking about, but ask yourself this question: will your audience have the same level of expertise? You might not even think that what is second nature to you could be complete jargon to someone else.

Having a second pair of eyes in the form of a copywriter can give you valuable insight into how well you communicate to your valued audience and how layman-friendly your content is.


2.) Even the Best Writers Make Typos

Typos are so easily made. When writing you can get so caught up in your content, these little errors can easily elude you. Even after reading through several times, your eyes will still often see what’s in your head rather than what’s on the actual page because you know so well what should be there. Having a copywriter should ensure that any typos, grammar or spelling errors are weeded out.

The importance of this cannot be underestimated. I am sure you have read many websites where you have been shocked at the mistakes in the text. It does not fill you with confidence as to the companies overall professionalism and quality. Good writing inspires trust and confidence. Get ahead or your competition by making sure your content is spot on.

3.) Your Time is Valuable

Writing content well is very time consuming. You will often have to read your content over and over again to catch all errors and to make sure everything is set out correctly and even then you might miss something. Couldn’t this time be better spent on other things? Your professional time is valuable and you pay yourself a good wage for it. Why waste your time and money on a task you are not an expert on when someone else could do it for you, freeing you up to do what you do best! A copywriter will take the pressure off your shoulders.

4.) Wording

People are more impatient online, its not like when they are reading a printed article or a book. If you haven’t grabbed their attention in the first ten seconds of them landing on your site, then you will probably be left with an extremely high bounce rate on your website statistics. Website copywriters will have studied hard into what works and what doesn’t and what ‘voice’ to use. They will know how to write that grabbing headline or that clever phrase that draws your audience in.

If someone lays their eyeballs on your site, you want to keep them there for as long as possible. You cannot afford to have dull content. This is also true of the vital call-to-action. After grabbing your audience’s attention, you need to have an effectively worded call-to-action to turn them from a lead into that sought-after customer.



Writing for your website is a far cry from writing letters or essays. Website content has to work hard to get you on to that much coveted top page of Google or other search engine. As such, you need to have an expert at your disposal who will have current, up-to-date knowledge on what search terms, meta data and tag lines you need to boost your site to the top of that virtual gold mine.

Have you really got the time and the knowledge to keep up-to-date with a search engine’s ever changing algorithms? When it comes to search terms and working them into your text, a copywriter is worth their weight in gold.


The services of a copywriter will take your website content to the next level. Be awesome, stand out from the crowd and watch that investment pay off!